Bed and breakfast south Paris in France

Bed and breakfast in south Paris only 23 kms and Versailles via motorway

Petit Futé
Petit Futé 2012


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cake cider Ceylan tea

We tried to make an original and substantial breakfast, the whole is homemade.

Made with fresh fruits of season. On the photo there are peaches in the rum, the nectarines in the anise, of the melon in barks of crystallized oranges.

Pastries ( at least 4 choices):
They are quite made for base of flour confectioner bought directly from saint Eloi's mill. On the photo there is there
On the photo there is among others: some cake in the cider, some cake in the honey of France, some cake in the pumpkin and brownies in walnut.

The bread: is also made with some flour resulting from saint Eloi's mill.

Coffee : 100 % arabica 


there is a wide selection, with original teas bought directly in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

Orange juice: 100 % hard line juice

Pumpkin dry apricot whiskey - 4 red fruits
 Strawberries candied in the anise studed.

Brownies - bread - Cake in the cider - Cake in honey
Jam: strawberry rhubarb - rhubarb prune almond
Honey and Nutela the only ones not to be made house